Ninja chef


The Ninja Chef from the name of the casino slot plays just like any other Ninja, but the special little hat that covers his eyes makes him seem even more like a true Ninja chef than he actually is. But the little white hat wearing chef on top of his cute little head tells everyone that he loves to cook! The symbol on his hat is the symbol for Ninjitsu, which is the martial art of Japan and now it has found its way onto the slots as well.

When you play the slots, the game moves real slow and so the speed at which you win is determined by how fast you move when you see the symbol for Ninjitsu spinning around the reels. There are a total of nine reels in a row and then you will see one free spin round the whole nine reels. As soon as the symbol for Ninjitsu appears on the green spinning reels then you can place your bet of three coins and then you will have to wait until it stops spinning before you can place your bet and win a jackpot. The symbols for Ninjitsu are always in pairs, so you want to memorize which symbol goes with which reel so you can always play safe and try to get the Ninjitos for free!

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