Crazy Chameleon


There are currently several varieties of crazy chameleons that inhabit the wild. They are indigenous to certain portions of Mexico and Central America and are known for their affinity for bright, vivid colors. Like all members of the iguanodon family, they have an incisor-like mouth, which is used to tear apart prey. Their name, meaning “scribble feeder”, is based on this attribute. Their normal diet consists of small vertebrates and insects.

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In addition to Crazy Chameleons, there are a few other animals that may be worth looking into. For example, did you know that seagulls can sometimes be found on wild slots? In addition to giving you a good payout, seagulls are commonplace for slot players to find wild symbols. If you can spot a seagull on a machine and you hit a jackpot, that means the seagulls are getting paid very well too!

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