Cats and cash


Cats and Cash are an all new, unique cats theme based slot machine. This time around the slot is themed around cats and it even includes some bonus items that include a locket for each player, a bottle opener, and even a case for your coin collection! The slot is fully themed around cats from top name in show business to surprise pets. This is definitely one of the cutest versions of slots I have seen. The graphics are bright and lively, and the theme of having a wild and crazy cat at your casino table is fun.

One of the great things about this game is that there are bonus rounds for players who beat all the main courses and earn the most points. If you collect enough coins, you can buy the special cats that can be used in special mini-games such as the grooming scratch game which allows you to choose from a number of different options, including playing as a cat, a tiger or other pet. You also get a special double-sided die, which allows you to flip over the symbols on your reels.

As you can tell, the graphics, sounds and atmosphere are very cute. Some of the pictures on the screen are a bit disturbing, but that just makes them more fun. There are a total of nine wheels to rotate during game play, and the reels change as you move along your computer interface. Each time you play you will earn a point and the wheel spins two times for each bonus round you win. At the end of the reel, a symbol will flash on the screen to indicate which wheel is next and what symbol will be on that wheel.

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