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Neon city – Wazdan

If you’re a fan of futuristic action games, then you’ve probably heard of Neon city. In this futuristic thriller, bounty hunter Harry Stark must transport the beautiful fugitive Reno to prison. She’s a sought-after criminal and has escaped from her prison and now must be brought to Neon City, where she awaits a sentence for murder. Along for the ride is muscle-bound misfit Bulk, who’s a life-threatening misfit. And to make matters worse, there are also vicious marauders in the city.

A biome is called “Neon City” and is a navy blue color with a greyish circuit watermark on the edge of it. Within these biomes, you can find a variety of different materials, including “Neon” grass and darker blue blocks, which give Primal Purple Blocks and Stone. The biomes also contain smaller patches of data chips that can be broken to obtain Glim and Primal Purple Blocks. Interestingly, if you touch the plasma, you will lose energy.

Another great feature of Neon City is the diverse locations, ranging from dour to sleazy. Despite the variety in these environments, many of them feel strangely empty after a few hours. This makes the game’s difficulty seem unachievable for beginners. Still, it makes sense to keep playing and completing the quests, which are fun and addictive. If you’re a fan of this type of gaming, you’ll find Neon City Riders an excellent choice.

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